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Create your own wedding rings

Make your special day even more magical

by designing and crafting your own wedding rings! 

How special will it be to relax and design your rings overlooking the Rocky Mountains sipping proseco or your favorite craft beer or my fave: coffee! You can book the entire studio for a private lesson to create the rings of your dreams!

We can keep things simple with a 1 day class where you will fabricate, solder & texture your ring bands / or we can schedule a 2 day casting class that allows for more organic styles. The options are really limitless! Most importantly we will work together to design and create the rings that fit your love & styles perfectly.

1 day packages start at $600

2 day packages start at $1200

*I am also available for custom orders*

To Book: email me at


Weather you're tying the knot, renewing your vows, or just want a more special place to rewrite them, come to the studio and make your own!

Again - the entire studio is yours to create your own sacred books.

Bring your favorite quote, your wedding date, song lyrics, whatever you want for the cover.

We will etch, rivet, and bind our books all in one day. 

Wedding Vow Book Class/ 2ppl: $420

Adding on to either of the rings classes: $380

*I am also available for custom orders*

Create your own Vow Books

Do you just want to go all out and book your photos and wedding video? Check out my friends Shanna and Dave.

I don't really need to say much more, just check their website, cry, fall in love, then: book them.

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