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Lost Wax Casting




Sun Oct 22 & 29 *or* Nov 7, 14, 21 & always available as a private lesson


About the Course

In this intensive class, Jenny will first guide students through the process of creating custom wax carvings. A large part of the allure of creating wax carvings to be cast is the organic aspect. In addition, wax molds can be cast once and become true one of a kind pieces of art. Alternatively they can be made into molds and cast over and over for production pieces. 

Day 1:

Class will start with discussion about lost wax casting, a little of the history, and examples of cast work. We will talk about the appealing aspects & benefits of casting. Students will spend the morning practicing & refining their piece to be cast. Two methods will be presented: Wax carving and Wax build up. The following topics will be covered in class:

Different types of waxes

Wax tools and equipment

Carving and building techniques

How to professionally finish the wax pieces for successful casting


Casting process & equipment

In the afternoon we will begin the casting process by investing our pieces and preparing our flasks for casting.

Day 2:

Pieces will be in the kiln burnout when students arrive. We will go over the casting process in detail (including equipment identification & safety) equipment placement & then each student will cast their own piece. Clean up of casting equipment, assment of successfull cast pieces, and lunch - followed by an afternoon of polishing will complete our second day.


A take home materials kit is built in to the class fee & includes wax bundle, alcohol burner, carving tool kit, polishing pads & class handout. This will allow students to practice their wax models at home.

We will be casting in sterling silver and that addtl cost will be determined in class after weighing each piece. 

Casting services are available through Jenny should you fall in love with the process of wax carving! 

Your Instructor

Jenny Kenyon

Jenny Kenyon
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