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Intention Sage Smudge Stick




Coming in September!


About the Course

Our very first class for 2023 is going to be so special ♡


Beth @sunmountainbath will be back - & we've decided to do a sweet collaboration on both of our most popular workshops!


Join us Sat Feb 11th @ 5pm & create an

~☆ Intention Setting Smudge Stick ☆~


Smudging is a traditional ceremony among Native Americans and other indigenous cultures of burning sacred plant material and prayer that is used to purify the energy of a person or space and to remove negative energies and restore balance. It is a way to cleanse your space, or prepare for meditation.


The first portion of the class will be dedicated to creating our intention charms. We will map out our designs and stamp them onto sterling silver discs. This could be a word you've chosen for the year, a personal mantra, or just some designs your heart is drawn to. Sky's the limit! A huge selection of gemstones such as jade, amethyst, moonstone, quartz, lapis ect... are available along with a healing stone guide to add to your special piece. These will then be attached to our sage bundles & sterling silver chains are included so you can also wear your design!


Beth will provide the sage bundles, Palo Santo sticks, sweet grass braids, crystals, lavender and dried flowers for you to weave together with prayer and intention and craft a smudge to purify your own space!

Email to reserve your spot! Spaces are limited!

DM with questions!

Your Instructor

Jenny Kenyon & Beth Knox

Jenny Kenyon & Beth Knox
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